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To coat surfaces, we use atmospheric plasma spraying. This is a very universal thermal spraying technique, and enables us to process a wide variety of metallic and ceramic spraying materials. Plasma spraying is particularly suitable for applying a precise coating to the surfaces of thin-walled thermosensitive workpieces since the characteristics of this process allow to exclude the development of any thermal stress or deformation in the material to be coated.

We are ready to coat metallic and non-metallic substrate materials, lightweight materials like CFRP and FRP in addition to a variety of composite materials for you.

The spray deposits created on the surfaces to be coated will be variable in terms of their visual appearance, layer thickness, roughness, porosity, and will be adapted by us so as to meet the needs of every use case in an optimum fashion.

The plants we have available for coating include:

- Roller spray plant for cylindrical components with a maximum diameter of 700mm and a length of 4500mm

- Universal spray plant for components with different cross-sections and a maximum size of 500mmx500mmx2500mm

- Coating centre for small and minute parts with a diameter of 5mm to 120mm and a length of 10mm to 300mm

We are cooperating with Fraunhofer IKTS, our research partner based in Hermsdorf, Germany, to develop customized coating solutions as required for demanding projects on behalf of our customers from industry and research.

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